Now available on your iOS or Android device.

Congress is a free app that allows you to quickly get the latest information from Washington.

Learn more about your member of Congress, get in touch with them and see what they're up to. Follow the latest bills, see floor activity and explore votes from the palm of your hand.

The Congress apps are built on data from official sources via the Sunlight Congress API. Both apps are open source and developers can play with the code on Github for both the Android and iOS versions.


Android and Amazon Kindle!


  • Read the latest bills and laws, and see how the votes were cast.
  • Find and call your members of Congress by using your phone's location or zipcode, as well as the lawmaker’s last name, a state or committee membership.
  • See what's happening on the House and Senate floor.
  • Keep on top of upcoming committee hearings.
  • Real-time notifications of votes, laws, floor activity and other congressional activities.
  • View your lawmakers' latest votes, committee memberships or a map of their district.
  • Read tweets and watch videos from lawmakers' Twitter and YouTube accounts or follow them in the news.
  • Easily share interesting bills across your social networks.
  • Add favorite lawmakers or bills to your dashboard or create shortcuts on your Android home screen.


Final Verdict: Yes, I’m skipping over the pros and cons mostly because I think this app is absolutely fantastic. If you’re an activist or are simply interested in political issues, you owe it to yourself and, dare I say it, your country, to download this app.

Android and Me

This application is very useful and informative, in today’s society understanding and staying aware of what our elected officials are doing is very vital. If you’re the type of person who is concerned or just curious to see what’s going on with Capitol Hill then this is the app for you!

Android Tapp

With this kind of information in our hands, mobile applications like Congress could signal the beginning of a new era of citizen interest and participation in government, too. I hope so. Thanks, Sunlight Labs, for producing this.

Richard Posey



  • Find lawmakers in Congress, call them directly and connect with them on social media.
  • Discover new and active legislation.
  • Explore legislators for your location and others on an interactive map.
  • Follow bills and legislators for quick access and updates.
  • Review a legislator's latest votes and bill sponsorships.
  • See bill activity with vote breakdowns.
  • Committee listings
  • Get directions to a legislator's D.C. office.

Coming soon

  • Floor updates
  • Push notifications
  • Calendar of scheduled hearings


There is nothing not to like about the Sunlight Foundation’s Congress App, now available on iOS as well as Android. It is, quite simply, the most painless way to keep up to date on a very painful topic: what Congress is up to. It’s open-source, steadily adding features, and fits in your pocket.

Andrew Leonard - Salon

Finding out what's going on with legislation and various elected officials is key to a free democracy, which is why Congress by Sunlight Foundation is an app worth snagging.

Phil Hornshaw - Appolicious

Tools like these could help get citizens more informed and engage with the political system.

Tarik Moody - 88nine Radio Milwaukee

Cool ap[p] for tracking activities of members of #Congress. Walk the halls with it.

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